4 tips for making effective videos in social media

More and more brands have understood the importance of video format as the focal point of their content marketing strategy and, in general, of corporate storytelling.


Many companies have succeeded in presenting themselves in an excellent way thanks to an excellent audiovisual planning, completely conquering the attention of the social public and thus turning into cases of real virality.

Just scroll through your Facebook newsfeed to understand how videos are a type of content with a preponderant presence. The data shared by HubSpot on the other hand are clear:

By 2019 the video will constitute more than 80% of the general web traffic
Incorporating them on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%
64% of users are more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video about the product
One third of the time spent online is dedicated to watching video content
Therefore, considering audiovisual content within one’s online communication strategy is no longer an accessory, but a real necessity for any type of business. We are no longer talking about the next trend, but about something that is tangible here, now, in the present.

Nowadays it is possible to create an effective video strategy even for those who do not have huge budgets to invest. Anyone can shoot a short video and publish it in a few moments on the main social networks. On the contrary, in the past, the design of an advertising video required enormous investments between production, shooting, editing and distribution.

This Dollar Shave Club commercial is a great example of how, while having a tight budget, we can create viral content that is extremely effective.

It is no coincidence therefore that so much audiovisual content is produced.

Of course, it is essential to understand the objectives and the results achievable by an online video campaign, but there is no doubt that it is fundamental to master the bases for the creation of quality content.

Here are 4 simple tips to raise the level of your multimedia products, whether they are real video campaigns or simple «how to», webinars, tutorials or vlogs.

# 1 How to stabilize the movements in your videos
As the term suggests, a stabilizer is an object that allows you to «stabilize» your shots. Fluid and clean images from the point of view of the shooting movements are among the key factors to create valuable video content.

Even a simple tripod will completely change the qualitative perception of the content. A film with blurred and undefined shots does not appeal to anyone and is the first and most visible element of poor professionalism.

# 2 How to correctly illuminate your scene
Often we dwell for a long time on the specifications of a video camera, when in reality the easiest way to obtain quality images is to know how to correctly manage lighting.

The light, in the videos, is what creates the tone, the mood and the depth of what we are going to take.

However, it is almost impossible to have an optimal situation in terms of light, especially when it comes to indoor shooting. Two simple softboxes positioned as in the image below, for example, will give your video a quality and clarity that will surprise you.


# 3 The audio in the videos: empathy and functionality
Audio also plays an important role, as it has the potential to convey greater empathy and make the video more emotional. There are excellent archives and online services that allow you to download soundtrack royalty free for your videos for free (YouTube Audio Library) or through a subscription (Jamendo).

But it does not end here. Unless you are creating a video for YouTube with certain storytelling objectives, 85% of the movies are viewed without audio. On the other hand, it will also happen to you that during the daily scroll of the Facebook newsfeed you came across a video that did not require acoustic aid. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to insert supporting texts, be they titles, subgraphs or subtitles, even if the video in question is a simple tutorial lasting a few seconds.


# 4 Video editing: how to keep users’ attention high
Dynamism: this is the key word to perform a good web-mounted. The term certainly does not mean a frenzied and frenetic assembly, but a flowing flow of images that does not bore. The user’s attention must be constantly kept at a high level and must be captured immediately, during the first 10-15 seconds of the video. All the main information that you want to communicate must be contained in those few initial moments. 

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