Roku , The Streaming device

Roku , The Streaming device

Streaming device

Start using your Roku streaming device

The latest streaming device models are now available to offer you the best programs that are on demand Just log in to the Roku account and use the link or page to start linking your streaming device.

Requirements to link the streaming device

The preliminary requirements to link the streaming device using \ link include Roku account, Roku activation code, and a good speed network connection

To begin linking the Roku streaming device

  • To start with collect all the necessary requirements. This include the power cable, Ethernet cable and HDMI cable. Just slide or insert all the cables in the required slot
  • Create a Roku account visiting the respective page and provide the required data that include the name, email ID and password.
  • Login to the Roku account with the credentials
  • In case if you do not have an account create a new account. After providing the data you can just tap on the submit tab

Use the page for activation

  • Go to the page and start typing the code to link the device. As soon as you click on the URL you will be prompted to provide the channel activation code
  • Enter the activation code in the page
  • Wait for some time  and the device will get automatically get connected to the Roku account

Setup your streaming device using the page and you can start watching the programs that you like

In the event that you come across any issues or errors while using the Roku streaming device or linking the device using the page, speak to our customer support agents. There are lot of troubleshooting tips available on our webpage and you can also try referring it once 

Common troubleshooting tips

  • Check the page or URL that you use for activation
  • Make sure that you use the valid activation code
  • Restart or reset your device once
  • Always try to use a good speed network connection 

All you need to do is to ring the contact number available on our webpage  tel:+1-888-298-2680 and speak to our support executives.

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